Nos copines entrepreneuses #20 : Subrosa

Aujourd’hui on repart direction Londres à la rencontre de Kat et Emma que vous avez déjà vu sur le blog à plusieurs reprises notamment ici. En plus de son activité de consultante et de son blog, Kate s’est aussi lancée dans l’entrepreneuriat en créant sa propre marque de vestes customisées avec sa copine Emma: Subrosa Collective.

On vous fait rentrer dans les coulisses de Subrosa, en version originale ! C’est donc le moment de bosser votre anglais 😉

Hi Kat and Emma, what inspired you to start Subrosa Collective?

[Kat]: Emma and I grew up on opposite sides of the world. She grew up in Stockholm and England, and I grew up across America and Germany. We happened to find ourselves in the same International School in Germany, but never actually met each other! The world is such a funny place, but we crossed paths again at the University of Bath, and met on the same business course. We quickly became friends and spent the next 6 years studying, living and travelling the world together.


We have both always loved the play between the masculine and feminine aesthetic. Overtime, we found ourselves gravitating towards pieces that add bite to wardrobe basics. In today’s fast-fashion world, the clothing is mass-produced, lacks character and has a short shelf-life. We believe that upgrading your style doesn’t necessarily mean going for the glossiest, out-of-the-box thing. We are running with a new kind of creativity that leans towards craft.


Why did you choose to do customized jackets?

[Emma]: Our design philosophy focuses on creating a statement piece that is a perfect reflection of its owner. We buy second hand to give life back to old pieces, and add details that made them modern and new, giving it greater meaning to the owner. We collaborate closely with the wearer to create the perfect piece for them; they know that days of consideration are embedded into every nuance.

Nothing transcends seasons -decades even- more seamlessly than denims and leathers. Both fabrics stand for longevity, and we were adamant about making pieces that felt like they could stand the test of time.

“It is the cover-up du jour: we like it draped nonchalantly over a mini-dress or paired effortlessly with jeans and t-shirt.”




Where does the name “Subrosa” come from?

[Kat]: Subrosa is the Latin term meaning secrecy, literally translating to ‘under the rose.’ The rose in ancient times was an emblem of secrecy that sworn confidence of participants at a meeting. We loved this for two reasons.

First, we loved the idea of creating a closed community for modern nomads to share their stories in a different way. Regardless of who you are and where you live, we are connected through our love for the nomadic. Whilst our focus is always on the individual we are creating for, we wanted to create a movement and bring people together. Our vision is to have collections that represent cities around the world, collaborating with creative individuals to capture those unique cultures.

Second, Subrosa was founded in the summer and as a result our initial designs focused on floral embroidery on denim.  We loved the pop of vibrancy against the cool blue, which signalled sophistication and ease – perfect for summer adventures.

And so, the Subrosa Collective was born.

If you had to describe your brand in 3 words?

[Emma]: Loveworn, Wild, Sophisticated


Is it easy to start a company in the UK? Would you recommend the Copines to do so?

[Kat]:We both love London. It is a growing artistic, young and creative community. We love being part of the city for both its history and regeneration. It’s an endless source of inspiration both through its vast art and culture, but also the individuals that walk its streets. It’s a community of entrepreneurs pursuing their passions. It’s difficult to not be tempted to join that journey and dream big.

For those reasons London is a great place to start a company, and find the support and individuals who can help you on your path. It’s fast pace means you need to find your own ways of blocking out the noise and focusing on what will make the biggest impact.

We are still an extremely small company and are making the jackets in our apartment. So when we say that a lot of love goes into them, we mean it!


How is it to work with a close friend? How do you split tasks? Between creation, logistic, marketing, finance? What are your secrets!

[Emma] :It happened organically for us. We were living together and started to collect a small collection of jackets to embroider/paint. In the beginning we would do everything together, as we were laying down the foundations for Subrosa Collective. We would get SO excited when talking about our brand and the future of Subrosa. The most important thing is to have the passion and fire to create! That’s why it never feels like work.

Now that that foundations have been set, it is easier to split up the tasks. We create to-do lists and get together on Tuesdays and on the weekend to get shit done. We are both creators.

subrosa-collective-Hey-Les-Copines-10  subrosa-collective-Hey-Les-Copines-8

Any advice for girls who want to design their own brand?

[Kat]: Just go for it. Keep it simple. Start small.


Anything to add? a message for the Copines?

[Emma]: We are also looking for individuals to help us grow our brand online! If you are interested please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

Shop your own Subrosa jacket on

& follow the girls on their adventure on Instagram @subrosa.collective // facebook Subrosa Collective !

Merci les copines,




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    3e article que je lis et déjà 3e commentaire. J’adore votre concept et j’aimerais beaucoup avoir un blog !

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